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Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to write. And that would be me. I've moved my journal about my writing life over to LiveJournal http://susanwrites.livejournal.com This blog will be filled with writing prompts and exercises so we can all write on right now! Please feel free to share your favorites.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The company of writers

Okay, I have Live Journal envy. Terrible, isn't it? I think it's the friends thing and making it easier for people to link up. I LOVE the design of my blog here and I won't go to the hassle of redesigning a LJ but I am contemplating starting a LJ as well. Am I crazy? I am trying to build a web presence and I know that it will take a long time and I am probably crazy to think about it. I wish that Blogger would hurry up and come out with a way to link, or the open id or something. Shoot. I am nuts to think about two blogs...what would I do differently in the other one? Grr. I hate it when I start to get goofy ideas like these.

Writing is such a solitary profession that it is an special treat to be able spend time with my writer friends. Peni Griffin author of 11,000 Years Lost was in town with her husband Damon (my very first HTMl instructor ages ago) so we met for dinner along with Walter "the Giant" Mayes and Valerie Lewis, owner of the fabulous Hicklebee's children's bookstore as well as Walter's co-author on Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children 2nd Ed : A Lively, Opinionated Guide a wonderful guide to children's books. I also got to see Walters new book, Walter the Giant Storyteller's Giant Book of Giant Stories which is a lot of fun.

I feel happy, rejuvenated, and very grateful for my friends, online and off.

Write on right now.Susan


At Thursday, July 07, 2005, Blogger Kim said...

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your comments on Don's blog, especially, "It used to make me feel dumb, like I didn't have a right to write, like I was doing something way wrong." It's so helpful to know that published writers feel the same way we do and have the strength to overcome those doubts.

You're always so helpful!

Regarding books--I spend well over $100/month on books. I suppose I'm fortunate, although I get that "wasting money" thing from people too.

And bloggers/writing friends--it sure makes writing easier when I know there is so much friendship and support out there. Much better than doing this alone. (I also have LJ envy, but no energy to do two!)

At Thursday, July 07, 2005, Blogger Kelly said...

Hi Susan:

I am pretty sure there is some way you can have both LJ and blogger. I am not sure exactly how, however :) If you figure it out, let us know! I prefer writing in blogger, but also have LJ envy.

At Thursday, July 07, 2005, Blogger Janni said...

There's now something on lj called "openID" that supposedly lets you enter your blog URL, wherever it is, and thus post there as someone other than "anonymous." I'm curious how it works, but I really like the idea--maybe it will make us feel less like we're all off in our separate universes.

Sometimes I actually get Blogger envy, too--there's something more professional looking about the Blogger Blogs that I admire. (And I used to maintain my Blog on Blogger, so I know how hard it is to decide whether to switch!)

Janni (janni.livejournal.com, formerly janni.blogspot.com)

At Thursday, July 07, 2005, Blogger Susan Taylor Brown said...

Kim - Thanks for the kind words. I always feel like the more I share about the writing process and the business the better it is all around. We all win. I don't see much of a point in hoarding things to oneself - the business is tough enough as it is.

I go in spurts with book buying but it probably averages $200/month. As Cyn says, I like supporting my friends.

Kelly and Janni, I am syndicated on Live Journal so people can friend me but I can't friend them.
And I still have to post as anon which I am not really fond of. I'm interested in the Open ID thing
I think Blogger will be one of the last on that bandwagon, if at all. I love everything else about Blogger best. I've got an idea for a LJ that I might keep in tandem that wouldn't be too crazymaking but I have to think on it some.



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