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Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to write. And that would be me. I've moved my journal about my writing life over to LiveJournal http://susanwrites.livejournal.com This blog will be filled with writing prompts and exercises so we can all write on right now! Please feel free to share your favorites.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

New website is finally complete

Okay, 95% complete, but it is just about there and uploaded and ready for viewin at www.susantaylorbrown.com

For the few folks that have been kind enough to read my blog, and comment, I'm sorry for going silent. The website revamping simply had to come to an end. I started it, with the help of my terrific site designer, on 2/15. It is now 6/11. I, silly blonde California girl, thought we would have it done in a month. Ha! Well we could have if I had kept it small but I had big plans and decided to go for it all. The teaching guide database gave us the most trouble but even that is cooperating now.

I have learned that the older I get, the less I can multi-task. I stopped everything while working on this site and now I have to go around and find the pieces of myself that I have left all around. Learn to balance you say? Yeah right. That's not going to happen. But that's okay.

Now it is back to writing and working on publicity for the new picture book and I should probably schedule a day or two to clean house. Hmmm....or I could just go read a book.

Write on, right now.


At Sunday, June 12, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your web site looks fabulous! :) Glad to see you back here. I, too, am much less able to multitask than I used to. *sigh*
debbi michiko florence

At Sunday, June 12, 2005, Blogger Susan Taylor Brown said...

Thanks, Debbi! Maybe it just means we are doing the single things we do better.
Write on, right now.

At Monday, June 13, 2005, Blogger Dorothy said...

I can really understand the multi-tasking thing. Egads, does it ever stop? Anyway, took me a while to get my websites up and running and it's like it's total consuming if you're going through that sort of thing. Love your website btw and love your books...I used to write for children but started on the soul mate anthology, then fiction...egads, there's that multi-tasking thing again, huh?

At Wednesday, June 15, 2005, Blogger Peacebound said...

>> I have learned that the older I get, the less I can multi-task. <<

Oh, whew. So I'm not the only one? ;)


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