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Saturday, May 14, 2005

A matter of trust

Isn't that what writing is, a matter of trust? Isn't this really what writing is all about? Don't we all go on trust and gut feelings when we write our stories? Even with non-fiction, yes, one must adhere to facts, but isn't there a certain amount of pure gut feelings that guide you in to how to tell the story?

When I choose a story to tell (or it chooses me) I need to trust my gut that because my story matters to me, it will connect with other readers. When I try to force the form or plot or character, everything falls flat. When I allow myself the freedom to think about telling the truest possible story I can tell, I write a better story.

But it is hard to trust ourselves sometimes, isn't it?

In any given writing session I can sit down with a conversation in my head, ready to come out on the page and after a few sentences I start thinking about how an editor might interpret it or I remember something a critique member said about a similar situation in a different story and then, all of a sudden, I am second-guessing myself right out of writing.

Some of my friends have chosen to cut themselves off from much contact with other writers and the writing world while they create in order to allow themselves to focus better on being true to their own vision quest. Others seem to fill themselves up with reading and connecting with as many other writers as they can. Myself, I seem to find 1001 other things to do instead of write until I am in an almost physical pain because the story is still left untold.

This seems to be an issue I struggle with a lot, how to let go and just write. I guess I figure if I chew on it long enough, eventually I'll spit out an answer that makes sense. I know what I am supposed to do, dig deep and let it spill out on the page, but it ain't easy. You can trust me on that.

Write on, right now.


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